Internet First! Woman Is Charged With Seducing A Female Teen Online

I’ve heard about creepy old men trolling the internet to lure in underage girls, but I’ve never heard about a woman doing this… until now. Sarah Wilson, 21, seduced a 15-year-old girl whom she met in a chat room. Over the course of six months, Wilson comforted the lonely teenager through text messages, emails, and phone calls. When the two decided to meet in London this past January, the teen ditched school for the day. The school called to inform her mom that she was missing and she called the police. The cops spotted her at the Kings Cross station, before she got in contact with her 21-year-old suitor. Then, using the girl’s cell phone, the police were able to target and arrest Wilson.Since police were able to prevent anything sexual from happening between the two, Wilson’s charges are not as severe as they could have been. But she will have to go to jail for 20 months and will have to register as a sex offender for the next 10 years. Additionally she is banned from working with children for the rest of her life. The kicker to this story is that Wilson had a boyfriend who knew about the relationship she was pursuing with the girl. Messed up. [Daily Mail]

Wait, I’m having a flashback to the mid-1990s. Do people even go to chat rooms anymore?