D.C. Isn’t Thrilled About MTV’s “Real World” Filming

Some D.C. folks have not rolled out the welcome mat for “The Real World: D.C.” cast members and the whipped cream/hot tub/fake lesbian make out sessions sure to come. Quite the opposite, in fact! A couple D.C.-ers are grousing daily about their fratty new neighbors on the Anti-Real World D.C. blog.

Explaining their, um, lack of hospitality in a post earlier this week, one writer explained that the blog “was created to serve as a forum for those who care deeply about what goes on in their neighborhoods— whether it be welcoming seven strangers with open arms or telling them to go home.” But ‘go home’ looks to be the most popular suggestion, as the bloggers’ list of grumbles is long: Dupont, where MTV is filming, is turning into a “dorm” instead of a “neighborhood”; the PAs and sound crew are more attractive than the cast; and a cast member played “corporate” music on a jukebox bar! One reader even sent in a pic she snapped of a few “Real World”-ers drinking beer outside at 1 pm (my heavens!), which went up under a post titled “Where Dbags Tread.”

There, there, D.C.! Most of us Friskettes are up in NYC, where filming for “Real World: Brooklyn” wrapped up earlier this year, so we can assure you, it’s only temporary. And if we put up with it, D.C., you can too. [Anti-“Real World: D.C.”]