Amber Rose Mini-Me’s and How To Be One Too

She’s got a great body, great style, and a great haircut. But what really sets stripper, turned Ford model Amber Rose apart is that face! In our book, her flawless skin and minimalist makeup trumps the luxury clothes and super-star boyfriend, Kanye West, anyday! Her stans agree! Take a quick look online at party pics from across the country and you’ll spot a growing crew of girls who are sporting Roses’ signature cropped and colored do; rouged lips, and fresh face. Sure, you are a long way from stripping (maybe not) and snagging a super star boyfriend, but you can always try Amber’s look. Here are a few products to help you achieve it.

  • Manic Panic Hair Dye: Once you’ve committed to the cut, commit to the color. No product is better for a poppy-edgy hue than Manic Panic. Try Bad Boy Blue or Atomic Turquoise! Find it for about $8.95 a bottle online at
  • Estee Lauder All Day Lipstick: Lips are an essential part of Amber’s beauty routine. Whether it’s a quick stroll down the block or sultry saunter down the red carpet, her lipstick is always bold, rich and red! Opt for Estee Lauder’s All Day Lipstick in a rich red. It will give you a satiny matte finish that will stay on smoothly for hours. Find it for $17.50 at
  • Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Bronzer: Okay,so your skin isn’t sun kissed? No worries, dust on this amazing high end bronzer. I love it in Daydream or Desert Sand. Find it for $48 at
  • Lorac Mascara: Luxurious eyelashes are the secret to Amber’s sexy stare. Lorac Visual Effects Mascara in Jet Black, it will help you achieve the same. It’s $19.50 on
  • Edward Bess All Over Seduction: Don’t mean to mention the same brand twice in one story – but it’s that good. Bess’ All Over Seduction – does exactly that. It highlights cheeks, brows and even lips for a seductive glow. Find it for $37 at (can’t find image for this one…can we do story without it or wait for pr girl?)