Agyness Deyn: Dim-Witted Or A Publicity Genius?

Today’s New York Times Style section covers the rise and possible bail out of It Girl fashion model Agyness Deyn. Will she pursue acting? Singing? Will she leave modeling altogether? Well, you won’t get any straight (or even vaguely specific) answers from her, not even on the more benign questions. (It seems she’s gone to the Kelly Bensimon school of question answering—talk in circles about unrelated topics and hope the interviewer doesn’t notice!) But, as the NYT reporter suggests, does she actually have nothing going on upstairs, or is it just a way to fend off a line of questioning, remain elusive and thus intriguing to most everyone? You decide. Some Agy gems, after the jump! NYT reporter: I asked Ms. Deyn if she had a collaborative creative process with designers and photographers with whom she works closely.
Agyness: “I don’t know,” she replied. “I just like to experience different feelings, even if it’s, like, uncomfortable?”

NYT reporter: “I asked if there was a model she particularly admired when she was a young up-and-comer.”
Agyness: “I liked guys quite a lot — like the Clash, you know, punky guys. Siouxsie and the Banshees, X-Ray Spex.”

NYT reporter: I started to look over her shoulder for a six-foot rabbit but opted instead to ask if she would name three people who best encapsulate her personal style, right now.
Agyness: “I’d say myself.”

NYT reporter: “Surely you have more influences than just you,” I countered, warmly.
Agyness: “No, but I take little bits from loads of different people,” she replied, sweetly.

Oh, and there’s more, NYT reporter: What makes Ms. Deyn happy?
Agyness: “Like being totally conscious. Laughing is, like, my favorite thing to do. Being with friends, having fun … being a bit daft.”

NYT reporter: “Does she intend to spontaneously skip any Fashion Weeks, as she did last fall?”
Agyness: “I don’t know,” she said, airily. “I kind of make the decision a week before. I love doing it, but then sometimes I’m doing another project or something.”

What say you? Is she skillfully protecting her image or just a total dingbat? [Or drugs. Could it be drugs!? — Editor] [NY Times]