An Abortion Party?

What would you do if you needed an abortion and couldn’t afford it? Well, according to Byard Duncan over at Alternet, a female friend of his threw an abortion party. Her friends were invited to bring food, booze, and donations. Quite a few people turned out to drink and dance. By the end of the night, the donation bowl was overflowing and the girl was well on her way to getting what she wanted. But there were a few very twisted things about this party. []First, there was at least one child at the party. I hate when “adults” bring their children to parties, but imagine walking into an abortion party and seeing this! Byard asked the kid if they felt unwanted, which is kind of like asking Rosa Parks if she felt good on the bus full of white people. The kid was obviously dragged along by his immature mother and now had to suck it up amidst dancing drunk girls.

Also, the idea of celebrating an abortion freaks me out a little bit. I’m totally pro-choice, but it’s a choice I don’t ever want to make, nor would I be happy if the need arose. I understand the girl was trying to raise money—but isn’t sending out a abortion party Facebook invite a little much? Yes, she did that, by the way.

Lastly, the writer expressed surprise that the boyfriend, who was also present at the party, got flak from the pregnant girl’s friends. Immature? Yes. Surprising? Absolutely not. First, his presence brings up the obvious question—why isn’t he helping out with the money for the abortion rather than letting his girlfriend make a public spectacle of the ordeal? Also, there’s a lot of animosity towards men surrounding the abortion issue. After all, most of the people trying to eff up our right to abortion are men. And, even though it takes two people to make a baby, isn’t it easier to blame your dude than your bestie?

What do you think?

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