What Equipment Should You Use To Film Yourself Having Sex?

The editors over at Gizmodo asked their readers a question yesterday: “What Is The Best Technology To Use When You Film Yourself Having Sex?” Being that it’s a tech blog with a savvy readership, you would think the commenters would have some wise suggestions for creating videos in the bedroom. Not so much. Here’s a collection of the commenters’ advice (and cluelessness) about homemade sex tapes.

Absolutely DO NOT USE DIGITAL if you want anything good quality. Well, you COULD but most of us home brewers can’t afford digital recorders good enough to not be noticeably inferior to analog. Tripod’s aren’t as necessary as you think either, unless you only want that single angle the entire video. Some people can’t get over having a nonparticipant in the room as a cameraman…

I’ve got a 60 minute flip, but I never know what to do with the other 58 mins of video.

When you film yourself or when you film yourself and your partner? I have a different camera for each. (clue: one has pictures taped to the front of it and isn’t hi-def)

I prefer the aesthetic look of grainy 16mm color filmstock shot on an Arriflex.

cell phone cam FTW. “hold up baby, someone’s calling me! keep doing what youre doing, i’ll text them back” but you’re not writing a text… oh no, you’re not.

High def so I can see every detail… also, i can see where i missed when i groomed my downtown arena.