One Very Large Reason To Never Hate Your Thighs Again

The next time one of my friends complains about how huge her thighs are, I’m pulling up a picture of Mandy Sellars. This poor 34-year-old woman was born with a growth abnormality that causes her legs to be GINORMOUS. She weighs 280 lbs—and 200 of it is from her legs! Since the day of her birth, when she was rushed away from her parents to be observed by doctors, Sellars has always been a bit different. So different that in her 34 years on Earth, no doctor has been able to officially diagnose Sellars’ disorder. While the best guess by most doctors is that she suffers from “Proteus Syndrome,” the same disease the Elephant Man had, until recently it never affected the way she lived. But now the absurdly disproportional difference in her tiny frame and her gargantuan legs are affecting her mobility. She has become impaired to the point that she requires crutches to walk around. Sadly, if doctors can’t find a quick fix soon, Sellars may be looking at amputation. Despite the glum outlook, Sellars is quite the optimist, telling Fox News, “Obviously, having my legs amputated is quite scary… but I look at it in a way that once I have my legs amputated, it will be a new kind if life—it won’t be any better or any worse from the life I have now—it will just be a different life and a start of a new chapter.” My thigh-hating friends should totally take some words of advice from Mandy. [FoxNews]