OMFG: Fifth Grade Teacher Sends Kids Home With a DVD—With A Clip Of Her Naked!

Oh, look how cute, little Jimmy, on his class trip! Hey, look at Suzy raising her hand in class! Uhhh, is that Miss Defanti? What is she doing? Why yes, kids, that is your fifth-grade teacher lying naked in bed with her legs spread wide open. Crystal Defanti, a fifth-grade teacher from Sacramento, California, gave her twenty-five students a DVD to take home at the end of the school year. The DVD showed a years worth of class activities….but also an eight-second clip of her lying naked with her legs spread. All a huge horrifying mistake (for everyone involved—imagine having to explain to your fifth-grader what she was doing?), the teacher hadn’t realized that her homemade sex video was on the tape and called the families hysterically the next morning, sobbing, apologizing and asking them to stop any further students from viewing it. Beyond mortifying.