Michelle Obama Is More Popular Than The President

In the popularity contest that is D.C. politics, Barack Obama bested John McCain back in November. But recent polls have shown that if Barack were stacked up against his wife, Michelle, in a Great Big High School Cafeteria, he’d be sweating it out at the dork table.

In a recent Harris poll, 68 percent of Americans said they view the First Lady favorably, while a different Harris poll also recent showed Barack’s favorability rating is 54 percent.

That means Michelle’s got, like, almost three out of the four Plastics from “Mean Girls” behind her. And of course Michelle is more popular—her husband is the one regulating your cigarettes. But with great power comes great responsibility! She can’t pass legislation, but she can turn our attention to worthy causes while we drool over her J.Crew.

Here’s our spank bank wish list of how Michelle can use her Cool Kid Status for good, not evil…

  1. Call herself a feminist.She already advocates for the needs of military and working families. But maybe if Michelle referred to herself as a feminist more often, she might convince the average Josephine that Rush Limbaugh is—gasp!— plum wrong about us!
  2. Promote reading. Yes, Laura Bush was a librarian—but did you actually give a hoot about what book Laura was reading? No, you didn’t. However, if Michelle talked about what book she passes her time with on Air Force One, we’d go all Oprah’s Book Club-nutso.
  3. Encourage us to exercise.The Bush administration was very pro-exercise, but they always seemed like jocks. Michelle’s toned arms are practically a one-woman billboard for the holiness of push-ups. If she can’t shame us into flexing our muscles, no one can.
  4. Become an advocate for pound adoption. Remember how everyone pressured the Obamas to bring home a pound puppy, but they went with Portuguese water dog Bo? We know Malia Obama’s allergies made picking a puppy difficult. But that doesn’t mean Michelle can’t encourage Americans to adopt needy dogs and cats from the pound, instead of using breeders.
  5. Gush about easy, healthy recipes for working families on her web site. Okay, touting recipes is a little too far into 1960’s Betty Draper housefrau territory for comfort. But still, every other photograph taken of Michelle is of her standing in her garden, growing fresh vegetables, so I think if she posted healthy recipes on her web site, Americans would be all over it! Plus, she’s way less annoying than Rachael Ray.
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