If Teens Can’t Afford Marc Jacobs’ New Pop-y “Budget-Friendly” Line, Will We Buy It Instead?

Teen Vogue got the scoop on the latest from Marc Jacobs: Everybody’s favorite desginer is launching a moderately priced bridge collection in August called “Don’t Miss The Marc.” The small line includes some solid pieces like pleated denim skirts, three-button blazers, and some loud (but ’80s-trendy) t-shirts. The rest of the goods look to be targeting a younger audience via wacky leggings and cartoon-y tees. It would seem that Marc is heading in that direction, by giving a teen publication the first look, and pricing everything under $200. Yet, is the low(er) price point enough to capture a younger audience? It was, after all, Teen Vogue themselves who conducted a survey about the recession and teens, finding that an overwhelming 70 percent of them have changed their shopping habits, looking to discounted retailers. In one of the selected quotes, a girl explained that she now passes over Nordstrom (a place where Marc Jacobs goods are sold) for Forever 21.

If that’s truly the case, then the success of the capsule collection seems dubious…unless you ladies are interested in buying it. Well, are you? [Teen Vogue]