Lindsay Lohan Sued For Stealing Self-Tanner Formula

With Lindsay Lohan’s first movie in ages, “Labor Pains,” set to debut on ABC Family in just a few weeks, things were looking up for the struggling starlet, at least besides the whole made-for-TV-movie thing. That was until she was slammed with a lawsuit for stealing the formula for her sunless tanning spray, Sevin Nyne. While the $35, Sephora-sold mixture did prove to turn the folks over at PopEater orange, the new suit claims that LiLo didn’t have any hand in making the concoction.Jennifer Sunday, a chemist from St. Petersburg, Florida, is claiming to be the inventor of the tanning potion that Lorit Simon, a celebrity airbrush tanner who partnered with Lohan in the Sevin Nyne venture, stole. Apparently, Simon had also partnered and signed a confidentiality agreement with Sunday, but the two were still in negotiations for pricing of the product. “The next thing we know, Lorit Simon and Lindsay Lohan are partnering and Ms. Lohan is taking credit for developing this formula, which she indeed had no role in,” Sunday’s lawyer told The St. Petersburg Times. The real question I want to know is whether Lohan was tricked by Simon. Or was she in cahoots on the thievery? I hope Nancy Grace can get to the bottom of this one! [NY Daily News]