Wes Hayden’s Mystery Girlfriend Revealed!

On last night’s episode of “The Bachelorette,” Jillian Harris finally kicked Wes Hayden to the curb, after realizing what the rest of the universe already knew — that he had come on the show, despite having a girlfriend, solely to publicize his music career. For weeks we’ve known the first name of this mysterious girlfriend — “Laurel” — but after a little research and a tip from a reader, we know much more about her. Laurel Kagay is Hayden’s girlfriend and runs a spa/salon in Austin, Texas. Coincidentally, she’s dated two other “Bachelor”/”Bachelorette” contestants — Brad Womack, the “Bachelor” on the season DeAnna Pappas was rejected, and a lesser known “Bachelorette” contestant, Collin Evans, from Jen Schefft’s season. Clearly, girlfriend has got a type. After Womack’s season of “The Bachelor” there were rumors that his remaining feelings for Kagay was the reason he didn’t give anyone the final rose. And this season, when her identity was revealed as Wes’ mysterious girlfriend, she initially denied reports that they were still dating, telling People that they had been broken up for a year, but were still good friends.

Pilot Jake Pavelka tells a different story. He’s the rejected bachelor that came back on the show just to tell Jillian that Wes had a girlfriend, and he told People that Wes and Laurel definitely are together and that she’s been in cahoots with Wes since the beginning. Now that Wes has actually ‘fessed up to having a girlfriend — even boasting to the remaining bachelors on last night’s episode that he was going home to “have lots of sex” — will Laurel finally admit to her part in the charade? And what would possess her to allow her boyfriend to go on national TV to compete for the heart of another woman, with the intent of breaking it and humiliating her in the end?

Well, I’m going to try to find out, damn it! Stay tuned…