Trend Watch: Moms Gone Wild!

It’s Jennifer Saunders’ (aka the boozer mom, Edina, from “Absolutely Fabulous”) birthday. And what better way to celebrate her then by visiting Yes, that is an actual website that recommends Capri Sun as a mixer. There’s also Mommy Wants Vodka, Why Mom Drinks Rum and June Cleaver After A Six-Pack with the clever tagline, “Warning…Alcohol Can Lead To Pregnancy.” These internet communities have been supporting party girl mommies who feel the need to still get a little wild in order to maintain their sense of self. These forums run by proud mamas offer honest parenting advice with manifestos like, “It’s almost summer and if you are like me, you are dreading the long days trying to keep the kids from killing each other. Beer can help with this task. I recommend it.” So much for sneaking mother’s little helpers, these broads are openly downing drinks. And it’s not just how, it’s where!

The days of “Mad Men”-esque dinner parties with social martini sippers are over. Jello molds have been replaced with jello shots and no one seems to be shy about it. MILF’s are the new Girls Gone Wild. Just take a look at photos of moms getting crunk in da club and tossing back boozey blow job shots that have been posted to the Facebook group Moms Who Sometimes Need To Go Out With Girlfriends & Drink Secret Society! According to its founder, Audrey Silver, the site started in 2008, and went from 10,000 to 200,000 page members in three months. Clearly, the secret is out and there’s evidence on the internet we hope none of their kids find.

Wait a second, is this trend really clever mom reverse psychology on binge drinking? Are they trying to ruin something their kids think is cool, like when my mom got into Alanis Morrisette? (Although, maybe I should thank her for spoiling that one for me.) And will there be total role reversal where kids be forced to worry that their moms are going to stay out too late partying and be shamed by their mama’s drunken Facebook photos? Perhaps. At least, we’re willing to bet the new popularity of drunken MNOs (mom’s night out) will make coming up with “yo momma” jokes that much easier. Bonus!