The Inspiration Board: Feeling Summer Much?

It’s hard to look all darling when you’re freaking baking inside a worrisomely hot car and not say, chillaxin’ in the breezy Bahamas. Somehow, our style icon-o-the-day, indie fashion maven Zooey Deschanel, makes toasty weather chic look easy and reminds us of cotton candy, photo booths, lounge chairs, and that sweet, sweet patio water mister we’re saving up for. Luckily, these cute shoes are cool and way cheaper.

  1. Romper, $125,Top Shop
  2. Sunglasses, $11,Fred Flare
  3. Georgia Peach Blush, $28,Benefit
  4. Jersey Knit Wedges, $25,Old Navy
  5. Sea Bag Recycled Sail Bags, $145,Sea Bags