Stylish Teens We’re Jealous Of (& Ones We Could Do Without)

Ahh…to be young again. Not that we’re old here at The Frisky, but recently we’ve been wishing we were back in high school, and it has nothing to do with the wars between the popular kids, acne, or peer pressure. Rather, now more than ever, teens are making headlines for being awesome. While we were awesome teenagers (“awesome” as in “slightly weird, awkward, smart kids who turned out better”), we’d kill to go back and use the Internet to promote our talents. Like these kids, who have already made names for themselves as bloggers, writers, and chefs. Jealous? Obvi.

After the jump, the teens we’re most envious of (and our predictions for their futures), and the ones who can suck it.

  1. Seventeen-year-old Jane Aldridge has the kind of popular girl life you lusted after, but she’s clearly got more substance. The lady behind the uber-popular fashion blog, Sea of Shoes, Jane is gorgeous, has a closet full of luxury labels worth a fortune, and gets to travel with her former-model mom. Thanks to a devoted following and a knack for breaking fashion news from time to time, she’s been featured on various style websites and Teen Vogue. Twice. Most recently, she was invited by Urban Outfitters to design a line of shoes.
    Prediction: Will rise the ranks in Teen Vogue’s staff, eventually becoming the editor of her own fashion publication.
  2. At 12, Laura Simula wrote a novel. By 14, she got it published. (Something that “writer” boyfriend of yours never succeeded in doing, even though he claimed he was a child prodigy.) Her novel, A Broken Yesterday, was produced by Tate Publishing. Talent aside, Simula is also a do-gooder, donating 10% of her book sales to St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital.
    Prediction: Will become the next Meg Cabot, possibly knocking her off her most prolific YA novelist perch.
  3. At only 13, Greg Grossman is already an established chef. He started his own catering company at 11, has guest cooked at some of the nation’s top restaurants, and most recently, landed his own reality television show. Plus, that mop of hair probably makes him the hottest kid in the eighth grade.
    Prediction: Future heartbreaker, will open several award-winning restaurants, and probably be a permanent judge on “Top Chef,” if he doesn’t compete in “Top Chef Masters” before the age of 15.
  4. You can’t help but awww at 13-year-old Tavi, the fashion blogger of Style Rookie, who has captured the attention of NY Mag and Interview, and has a reputation for producing fashion commentary that’s intelligent, knowledgeable, and funny. She’s not afraid to say what she doesn’t like and why. For example, regarding one recent 2010 Resort look, she blogged, “Jewish grandpa living in Boca Raton. The pieces (er, the shirt at least) would look cool layered but this just looks. SO stereotypically resort.” It is? She schooled us there. Tavi’s also special for her personal style that is incredibly edgy and resourceful—her pieces come from thrift stores, her own kiddy closet, and fellow fashion followers who send her designer gifts.
    Prediction: Will start her own label that will be too wild to please the mass markets, but will rule the world of indie fashion. (She’s not the sell-out type, anyhow!)

Teens we’re NOT jealous of:

  1. The cast of “NYC Prep,” the new Bravo reality television show, which follows rich Manhattan school kids, only to highlight their bad attitudes, sense of entitlement, and stupidity for going on a reality show that will brand them for life.
  2. Jonathan Krohn, the 14-year-old Republican pundit and author of Define Conservatism. A mini-politician, we’re half-sad that Jonathan has clearly skipped childhood entirely, half-terrified of his zealous conservative preaching.
  3. Ali Lohan. No explanation necessary.
  4. Kira Plastinina, the teenaged Russian fashion designer behind her self-named stores can’t claim much credibility. Her slutty clothes were bankrolled by her father, and her company filed for bankruptcy back in January.