Latisse Saves Brooke Shields From Inadequate Eyelashes

Have you seen that commercial with Brooke Shields hawking that new prescription eyelash cream? Poor Brooke! First she waited until she was 22 to have sex because she felt fat or too tall or whatever, then she had the postpartum depression, and now we learn how she’s endured unthinkable life-long trauma because of “inadequate” eyelashes. Thank God for Latisse, the world’s first FDA-approved prescription treatment for such an ailment!You can watch Brooke’s video diary here and find out what a huge difference having adequate lashes has made in her life. There are also before and after photos of Brooke’s eyelashes at the Latisse site, where you can see for yourself the horror that Brooke had to deal with on a daily basis before starting her treatment for inadequate lashes. If she ever had any doubt before, she’s definitely a Latisse converter now and encourages any potential users to consult with a doctor about whether Latisse may be right for them. I can hear it now: “Doctor, oh doctor! My eyelashes are so inadequate! I bat them at boy and NOTHING happens! People don’t do double-takes when I pass by them in the supermarket. I haven’t stopped traffic in ages! Do you think Latisse is right for me?!”