Gallery: Hayden Gets A Bust Boost Plus Other Celebrity Enhancements.

hayden movie poster splash movie goods 7709 jpg
Hayden Panettiere‘s upcoming movie, “I Love You Beth Cooper,” should probably be renamed “I Love You Boob Cooper.” I normally don’t notice things like this, but in this case, you can’t quite help it—the 19-year-old actress looks way bustier in the movie poster than she does in real life. Honestly, I don’t think they needed to up her bra size to pack nerds into the theater to see the movie—after all, she is the invincible cheerleader from “Heroes.” [Daily Mail]

Yeah, yeah, we all know that celebrities are airbrushed in advertisements. But sometimes photo editors get a little trigger-happy with their “enhancements.” Gratuitous boob jobs seem to be pretty common, but photo retouchers can also alter a star’s face, their hair, or even their butt. Read on to see who else got (digital) work done.

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