Five Things To Know About Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams is a longtime “friend in my head” — that’s what she calls celebs that she knows about, but doesn’t actually know — because, as a radio, talk show host, and author, Wendy gets to say a lot of the things I think, but can’t actually say. She dishes on everything from relationships and celebs to even her own private life. But she’s not another wannabe attention whore willing to do anything. Her mere presence can have someone with something to hide quaking in their shoes, but she’s quite hysterical when she’s over-sharing details from her life. We’ll be glued to our TV set when “The Wendy Williams Show” premieres July 13. Here are five things you need to know about Wendy before tuning in.

  1. She wears hairpieces. And doesn’t mind detailing the differences between a gym wig, a car-washing wig, a mall wig, and a show wig.
  2. She’s a self-proclaimed real housewife of New Jersey — having had numerous plastic surgeries, a cocaine habit, and a philandering husband.
  3. “The Wendy Williams Experience,” her eight-year-old radio show on WBLS 107.5, dominates the four-hour afternoon time slot with 12 million national listeners.
  4. Measuring 40-30-40 and having a size 11 foot doesn’t stop her from wearing five-inch heels.
  5. Wendy famously squared off with Whitney Houston in a profanity-laced radio interview in 2003, and has also went up against Omarosa Manigault Stallworth last summer.
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