Every TV Show Needs A Lesbian For A Few Episodes

lesbian 070709 slide1 jpg
Oh, goody. Rumer Willis (Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s oldest kid) will join one episode of 90210 this fall as “Gia, a punky lesbian” at West Beverly High School’s Blaze News.

Hahahaha. The casting directors at 90210 think lesbians worked at the school newspaper. The lesbians were in marching band. Can’t you people get anything right? [L.A. Times]

Alas, Bruce and Demi’s eldest daughter is just the latest in a long and prestigious line of TV lesbians, who usually stick around for a few episodes and then go back where they came from.

Click through to see who gives “The L Word” and “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”—two shows with lesbian characters who weren’t just stunt casting!—a run for its money.

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