Economy Down, Egg Donation Up

How do you like your eggs? Donated! Hey, for a cool $5,000 during this recession, less periods sounds like a win-win kinda situation. And that’s why IVF donation clinics across the country claim their phones are ringing off the hook.

At North Hudson IVF in New Jersey, they’ve gone from eight calls a week to that many calls a day. Oregon Health & Science University Fertility Consultants in Portland says they’ve seen a 30% increase. And Alternative Reproductive Resources in Chicago, claim their donor inquiries have doubled.

However, just because it’s called a bank, doesn’t mean you get your money right away. It takes weeks, even months, before you can cash in on your baby-makers. Dudes have to wait six months for their sperm to be screened. Plus, you have to go through health and mental examinations. Just like real life, everyone doesn’t want you to put yours in theirs. Oh well, onto the next get-rich-quick recession scheme. [USA Today]