Do You Dress For Men Or Women?

The U.K.’s edgier counterpart to our Paris Hilton, Peaches Geldof, insists that despite her clearly provocative looks (the heels, that ink, those bedroom eyes), “it should be obvious I’m not dressing for men.” Huh. In fact, the 20-year old, who just launched a clothing line with PPQ, told the Times, “I don’t want to dress for men, I think it’s almost like a feminist thing.” It is almost like that Peaches! Meh, we’re not gonna hate on the girl just because she’s stylish, rich and, arguably, young enough to get away with making kind of ridic statements like that, but her comment did make us consider who women really end up dressing for anyway. From the millions of teenage girls who stuff their bras to the women who undergo repeated breast surgeries in order to fill out their tops, it goes without saying that women have always acknowledged that in many ways, we get dressed each day with looking attractive to the opposite sex in mind, at least on a subconscious level. Then again, most guys we know wouldn’t know a Louboutin if a stripper kicked them in the face with one. (Ahem.) When it comes to fashion, isn’t it the women (and/or style conscious metrosexual/gay men) in our lives that we aim to please? And to present an even more evolved view and one we hope most of us have achieved, why not just dress for ourselves, period? Hell, Helena Bonham Carter clearly does. [Times Online]