Diesel’s Magic 360 Mirror: Horrifying Or Awesome?

They say the truth will set you free. Sure, if it has absolutely nothing to do with you. When it comes to, oh, say, your pants size, it’s often best to deny, deny, deny in order to avoid imprisoning yourself in an uncomfortable reality. So when faced with Diesel’s new 360 mirror, there’s no escaping the truth: The “magic” mirror projects an image of the viewer’s behind in order to see how jeans fit. Installed now as an experiment in the retailer’s Madrid store, the device is meant to add ease when it comes to finding the right pair so that the shopper doesn’t have to ask someone how their butt looks or paralyze themselves by pulling an awkward spine-twisting movement. So, the question is, would you want to confront your butt, (and maybe get a better pair of jeans out of it)? Or just trust the opinions of salesladies and friends? Which, you have to consider, might not be entirely truthful. [High Snobette]