A British Diplomat Is Caught In A Speedo

When British ambassador, diplomat, and spy Sir John Sawer isn’t in the office or engaged in covert activity, he likes to romp on the beach in super tight bathing trunks. At least, that’s what the pictures his wife posted on Facebook showed. Some Brits are freaking out that the soon-to-be prez of the Secret Intelligence Service is on Facebook in swimwear. They think it’s compromising his family’s safety, because the personal info posted about them on the site could be used by terrorists. [NY Times]On the other hand, I think it’s no big deal. I mean, remember those photos of Barack Obama on the beach, shirtless, with his family? I think seeing public figures like this is humanizing and could, in the end, be beneficial. It’s empowering to know that world leaders do the same things we do when they go to the beach. Also, isn’t it naive to expect public officials to always look the way they do when we see them on TV? I think everyone needs to grow up and stop worrying about how a man or woman looks when they’re on vacation. What do you think?