Album Drop: New Releases From Those Darlins, Stellastarr*, Maxwell, And More

It’s new release Tuesday, so it’s time to take the latest tunes for a spin. In this week’s big records, Tennessee trio Those Darlins make thier debut, Stellastarr* gets civilized, Maxwell tells you about his mid-summer night dream, Billy Boy On Poison comes clean, and—holy new indie awesomeness—We Were Promised Jet Packs lift off.

Those Darlins, Those Darlins
These darlins are like three drunken Loretta Lynns telling you true, and loudly. The Tenessee trio make classic country threats like, “If you don’t want wild, quit hangin’ ‘round with me” and they’re a band to back that up with lotsa noise. This is the bad girl record I’ll be looking for next time I’ve got the reigns of a jukebox at a dive bar. And it’s just their first…

Stellastarr*, Civilized
The Brooklyn band has released their third rad record of rockin’ beats that’ll make you feel somewhere between alternative 1993 and the talky emo Devo of the ’80s. In this album, the hipster band begs, “You need to show me some sign of life” and “loose control.” Rest assured nerds, even with these Civilized songs, they’re gonna shake things up.

Maxwell, BLACKsummer’s Night
These R&B jams don’t go on and on about booty—they’re about sweet, sweet cheese ball love. Puke. But Maxwell is so fine, his voice and his hotness will probs make you melt. Heck even his pleading in “Stop The World” is pretty.

Billy Boy On Poison, Drama Junkie Queen
These skinky pants LA punks dropped out of Berklee School of Music to make their first album. But even when they’re singing about their dirty habits, it feels pop-rock sugary. They confuse electric guitar riffs with harmonized choruses. This album is kinda like if the alternative top 40 All American Rejects contrived a record with Southern rockers, The Kings of Leon.

We Were Promised Jet Packs, These Four Walls
Does their debut record live up to their sweet name? This Scottish band’s guitar kicks a beat that’s hard and fast and the perfect match for a chorus of dudular oh-oh-oh’s. Whether or not they get those jet packs, they’re sure to take off.