7th Grader Is Forced To Take Off A Pro-Life T-Shirt

A California 7th grader is fighting for her right to…wear a T-shirt. Anna Amador is representing her daughter in the lawsuit against McSwain Elementary School after her daughter was forced to take off her pro-life T-shirt back in April 2008. Celebrating “National Pro-Life T-shirt Day”—which I didn’t even know existed—the girl sported a graphic (pun!) tee with two pictures of a fetus followed by a square of black, along with the words, “Abortion. Growing, Growing, Gone.” Definitely a strong statement, but was it disruptive enough for the school to shirt-shame her and force a wardrobe change? Amador’s mother not only says no, but is suing the principal, assistant principal, and the office clerk for mistreatment and violation of her daughter’s First Amendment right to free speech. The mother’s formal complaint cited humiliation and ridicule after her daughter was told to throw out her breakfast and report to the principal’s office where she was grabbed by the arm and led to face the music. The principal ordered the student to remove her “inappropriate” apparel and never wear it again on school grounds. The school’s legal team denies parts of Amador’s claims, but the bottom line is really over whether the daughter’s T-shirt really constitutes “inappropriate subject matter” which violates the school’s dress code. [FOX News]

What do you think? Should Anna have been hassled for her shirt? Or was she totally exercising her right to have her own opinions?