1969 Really Was The Summer Of Love

Happy 40th Anniversary, Woodstock! Can you believe it’s been so long since a bunch of hippies got together for some amazing music that inspired a whole counter-culture movement? Feels like we could use a little bit of that idealism, love, and enthusiasm these days—though we can probably do without all the psychedelics and armpit hair. When I think of Woodstock, one iconic image pops into my mind—the picture of that cute couple wrapped in the blanket, lovingly embracing each other amidst the crowd. The photo was on the cover of the album and the poster of “Woodstock,” the movie. Well…guess what? The couple in that photograph is still together and happily married after all these years! OMG, I think I just squealed out loud. For the undercover couple, Nick and Bobbi Ercoline, both 60, it really was their summer of love. They married two summers after the fabled weekend. They claim that they don’t even remember the picture being snapped. Um…maybe they were high? They do, however, remember the rain, the lack of toilets, the overwhelming body odor, and the orange haze (not to be confused with Purple Haze) emanating from the stage. Okay…not THAT romantic, but still. They didn’t discover their photo on the “Woodstock” album cover until they saw it at a friend’s house. Oops, I guess Bobbi’s mom would finally know where she really was that weekend.

The story behind the photo? The pair had met three months earlier, at the bar where Nick worked. Bobbi came in with her BF at the time. One weekend when Bobbi’s BF was out of town, Nick snatched her up and the rest was a perfect hippie love story. Nick’s theory about why the photo has been so popular over the years is that, “It’s peaceful, which is what the event was about,” he says. “And it’s an honest representation of a generation. When we look at that photo I don’t see Bobbi and me. I see our generation.” And with that, I will go break out my Bob Dylan records and bake some pot brownies. [NY Daily News]