10 Women You’d Be Daft Not To Follow On Twitter

You may find this hard to believe, but SamRo, Lindsay, Ashton, Taylor Swift, Lily Allen, and Perez Hilton aren’t the only peeps on Twitter.

We’re not saying to delete aplusk or lilyroseallen from your Twitter feed.

But you know how one of your brain cells dies every time you read a tweet from LiLo? We promise, read just one tweet from any of these 10 fabulous women who work in women’s rights activism, politics, TV, or online media, and those brain cells will grow back three-fold. Really. It is proven by science!

  1. Rachel Maddow: Rachel Maddow, host of MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show,” tweets about everything from her politics to her fishing trips to her fascination with WhoPooped.org (which, honestly, really is kind of awesome).
  2. Ana Marie Cox:The former Wonkette blogger is an absolute politics junkie and has a smart-ass comment to make about everything D.C.-related.
  3. Jennifer L. Pozner: Pozner is hard at work on Reality Bites Back, a book that shines the light on all the sexism and racism on reality TV, and tweets frequently about redonkulous-ness on the reality TV shows we all love to hate.
  4. Joan Walsh: Walsh is the editor of Salon.com and tweets frequently about liberal politics, especially recently posted Salon articles.
  5. Kate Harding: Harding jokes that she’s a “professional fat chick” on her Twitter page, but really, she’s a Salon.com Broadsheet blogger and one of the brilliant ladies behind the fat blog, Shapely Prose.
  6. Shelby Knox: A then-15-year-old Knox starred in a PBS documentary, “The Education of Shelby Knox,” about her battle against conservatives in her hometown of Lubbock, TX, to exchange abstinence-only education for more comprehensive sex ed. Since her beginnings as a documentary film subject, a now-grownup Knox has been kicking ass and taking names as a feminist activist and she always has her pulse on whatever’s of the moment.
  7. Deanna Zandt: Zandt is both a techie and a feminist and she’s always tweeting something interesting about tech.
  8. Tracy Clark-Flory: Clark-Flory’s another Salon.com Broadsheet blogger. If something’s happening in pop culture that has to do with women, she’s blogging about it!
  9. Susan Orlean: Most recently Orlean’s been tweeting about how a bear broke into her home and raided her fridge, but on non-bear attack days, this New Yorker scribe tweets about her life as a big-deal writer.
  10. OK, there’s actually a really cool celeb you should follow…Mindy Kaling: Yes, that annoyingly hilarious Indian girl on “The Office” has her own Twitter feed. Thank God, her tweets are more adorable than annoying. Kaling never tweets about serious subjects, but that’s cool. Sometimes you just need a giggle.

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