What’s Been Your Recession Splurge?

We’ve already mentioned how sales of lipstick and home hair dye have been on the rise since the beginning of the recession, and now the Telegraph U.K. is reporting that “racy underwear” is selling at a record rate, too — at least in England. Popular department store, Debenhams, reports that sales of “fishnet stockings are up 83 per cent, suspenders by 50 per cent and basques by 45 per cent. Garters are also up by 71 per cent and cleavage-boosting bras up 61 per cent.” Traditionally, Christmas is the peak time for lingerie sales, but this year, sales have only increased since the holidays. Lingerie designer Aliza Reger says: “Everyone knows staying in is the new going out and what better way to survive the crunch and keep spirits high than with nights or days at home filled with romance. New underwear is a sensible investment and an inexpensive way to treat yourself, and your partner.”

I’m more of a wine girl than a lingerie girl myself, and have been spending my money accordingly. Rather than heading out for pricey happy hours, I’ve been staying in a lot more, saving money by buying $10 bottles of red instead of $10 glasses of the good stuff. What have been some of your inexpensive recession splurges?