An(other) Excuse To Take Your Clothes Off!

Welcome to day one of National Nude Recreation Week! From skinny dipping to a nice nude bicycle ride, consider this the one week of the year when going full frontal is fully acceptable. But because good old Johnny Law might still consider your exposed breasts and dangling members a bit on the illegal side, you may have to be sneaky about your celebrating.

We’ve got a few ideas about how to let it all hang out without ending up behind bars…

  • Turn your house into a nudist colony for a night. Round up your hottest friends and have a naked night of dinner, drinks and, if we’re being honest, orgies. It’s cool to be naked in your own backyard, right?
  • Late night skinny dipping is a tried and true classic, and doing it this week is basically a requirement.
  • Do a little streaking and flashing. Grab your trench coat and take to the streets for moments of selective nudity. Move quickly to avoid the po-po.
  • Sex. Duh.

Got any other semi-legal suggestions?