Was Steve McNair’s Death A Murder-Suicide?

On July 4, former Titan’s quarterback Steve McNair was found dead in his Nashville apartment. The 36-year-old was shot at close range, twice in the head and twice in the chest. McNair’s secret mistress Sahel Kazemi, 20, was also there, fatally shot once in the head and laying on top of the gun that was used to kill them both. There were no signs of forced entry and are currently no suspects. [NY Post] Police are saying that McNair’s death was definitely a homicide, which is pretty obvious because no one can shoot themselves four times. But what about the woman? On Sunday, police told McNair’s family the event was probably a murder-homicide. Basically, Kazemi shot McNair then turned the gun on herself. The details are pretty foggy, and no one knows if the two had some kind of suicide pact or if McNair’s mistress is totally to blame. My theory is that Kazemi got mad because McNair wouldn’t leave his wife for her, so she started shooting. But I’m open to other theories. [WAPT]

Speaking of, why do cases like this keep popping up in the news? It seems like, lately, a lot of people have been killing their families or spouses and then shooting themselves. Usually it’s a guy, but not this time. For many of these cases, folks have blamed the economy for making people feel hopeless. But that’s unlikely to be the reason here—I doubt McNair was hard up for cash. Maybe it’s just that we live in a ridiculously violent society and now even women are starting to think violence is the answer? Being at war constantly, seeing violent images on TV, playing gore-ridden games…these things have to be affecting people somehow, right?