Top 15 Tips For Young Women

A couple months ago I posted a letter to my younger self, to which many of you responded with letters to your own younger selves in the comment section. Turns out, we had a lot to say to our mini-me’s — from dating advice to style tips, we’ve learned a lot since the days we donned jelly shoes and spent weekends cruising the mall (or should I say we’ve learned a lot since the first time we donned jelly shoes and spent weekends cruising the mall?). I combed through the letters to our younger selves for the best lessons learned and wisdom gained. After the jump, 15 tips for the young women behind us.

  1. Drink one glass of water for every cocktail you consume.
  2. Appreciate your body and the great shape you’re in.
  3. Be nice to your mom.
  4. “Screw worrying about being popular because in 10 years all of those people who you thought were so pretty and cool are now chubby accountants with 3 kids and a sexless marriage.”
  5. Start an exercise regimen NOW and stick to it.
  6. If you have a chance to study abroad, GO.
  7. Don’t waste your time mooning over the boy who doesn’t know you exist.
  8. “It’s OK to trade on your looks, not just your principled smarts and scruples.”
  9. Spend more time with your grandparents.
  10. Wear sunscreen every day, and don’t forget your neck and hands!
  11. Pay with cash, not credit.
  12. Get your eyebrows shaped.
  13. Stand up straight — you’ll look thinner and more confident.
  14. Always trust your instincts.
  15. Never mix Dayquil with alcohol.
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