Remote Control: This Week’s Must-See TV

There’s supposedly nothing to watch on TV in the summer, but this week is (shockingly!) looking pretty good. We’ve got VH1’s new show, “The Great Debate,” plus the season premiere of “Entourage” and finale of “Reno 911.” Also, adorable Neil Patrick Harris stops by “Top Chef Masters,” and we get more (MORE!) “Real Housewives of New Jersey” with a special lost footage episode. Am I drooling yet?

The Show: “The Great Debate”
Set Your DVR For: Tonight, 10pm (EST), VH1
Basically a combo of “Celebrity Death Match” and “Best Week Ever,” VH1’s “The Great Debate” features awesome celebrities and comedians debating really important issues, like who’s nerdier— Trekkies or “Star Wars” fans? My vote’s on Trekkies, because all the guys I’ve dated love the “Wars,” but only the hard-core crazies watched the “Trek.” Plus, what’s sexy about “Star Trek” if there’s no Chris Pine?

The Show: “Top Chef Masters”
Set Your DVR For: Wednesday, 10pm (EST), Bravo
“Top Chef Masters” pits huge deal chefs against each other to compete for donations to charities. This week Anita Lo (Annisa), Douglas Rodriguez (Alma de Cuba), John Besh (Restaurant August), and Mark Peel (Campanile) will have to cook an egg with only one hand. (Um, is that supposed to be a challenge?). They’ll perform literal “culinary magic” for Neil Patrick Harris who will have lots of witty commentary because he’s hilarious. And pretty. Sometimes I wish I was a gay man.

RENO 911!
Joe Lo Truglio error

The Show: “Reno 911!”
Set Your DVR For: Wednesday, 10:30pm (EST), Comedy Central
The season six finale of “Reno 911″ is gonna be awesome. I’ve only watched like four episodes, but in this one Wiegel makes agent Williams come to couple’s therapy because her insurance won’t cover personal psychiatry anymore so they go to see a therapist played by the best actress ever, Jane Lynch.

The Show: “Entourage”
Set Your DVR For: Sunday, 10:30pm (EST), HBO
The season six premiere of “Entourage” is called “Drive” since Vince (Adrian Grenier) is going to finally take his driving test and goes on Leno to promote his new movie “Gatsby” directed by Martin Scorsese. Stuff happens with the other characters, but obviously they’re not the hot one, so who cares? I’m still trying to figure out which guy is the counterpart to which “Sex and the City” character.

The Show:Real Housewives of New Jersey: Lost Footage”
Set Your DVR For: Thursday, 9:00pm (EST), Bravo
The ladies of New Jersey were by far the most dramatic in the shortest amount of time. And with all the screaming at the reunion show, you know the lost footage is going to be A-mazing. Hopefully Danielle’s shady past gets some light and that scary redhead says something quotable. But what’s with the “lost” footage…it obviously wasn’t lost for too long.