Michael Jackson Wanted OctoMom’s Babies, Johnny Depp And Jamie Foxx To Maybe Portray MJ

  • Though we haven’t even given Michael Jackson enough time to rise from the dead like Jesus, there are already talks of a Michael Jackson biopic. Different methods are being considered like using archive and live -show footage or maybe having Jamie Foxx play young Jackson and Johnny Depp play um, white Jackson. I’m not sure how politically correct that scenario would be but God I would love to see them try to pull it off! [PopCrunch]
  • As if the postmortem Michael Jackson rumors weren’t traumatizing enough, apparently although Nadya Suleman was not his lover, he was still after Billie Jean her octuplet babies! According to Nadya’s ex-publicist, Michael called in February to check up on Nadya and the babies and to mention that he’d be happy to care for the children. The publicist said, “It was creepy. He was basically offering to buy the children.” Thankfully, no one took him up on the offer since the OctoMom wanted to keep her spawn. [NowMagazine]