Levi Johnston Is Determined To Extend His 15 Minutes

My imaginary redneck boyfriend, Levi Johnston, is still runnin’ that tobacco spittin’ mouth of his. (Actually, I don’t know if he actually chews/spits tobacco, I’m just being admittedly stereotypical about rednecks.) This time he’s chatting with New York, a city, by the way, he tells the mag he doesn’t like. Levi tells the mag, “There’s too many people. I can’t wait to get home.” Levi really realized home was where his heart was when he was dragged to the Republican National Convention and told to wave and smile, prompting the media to suggest he would be moving to Washington, D.C. with the Palin family had the McCain ticket won the Presidency. Of the convention he says, “That was ridiculous…. I ain’t never moving.” Well, shucks. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you regard Lil’ Levi, this will not be the last we hear from him. He is shopping around a “tell all” book about the Palins, has been offered a role in a movie, and is considering doing a “docu-drama,” which should not be confused with a reality TV show, which he says is “played out.” Though he says he needs to start working out again, after seeing himself in GQ (I thought he looked fine), rest assured, buff or not, “I can put on a show.” [NYMag.com]