Who Is The Real Bruno?

In four short days, “Bruno” will be unleashed upon innocent moviegoers in the US. Judging from Sacha Baron Cohen’s nakie GQ cover and increasingly hilarious premiere ensembles, this mockumentary is going to blow “Borat” out of zee vater. But is Sacha Baron Cohen’s most outrageous character yet based on a real-life Bruno? In Austria, people’s lederhosen are in a bunch trying to figure out who could be the model. We pit the two lucky Austrian front-runners against each other for the ultimate title of “the real Bruno.” You decide who is zee real deal.

Name Alfons Haider Adi Weiss
Age 51 33
Claim To Fame Alfons is as versatile as Bruno’s outfits—he’s an actor, singer, cabaret star, and reality show host. While Alfons does not work in the fashion industry, he does host charity fashion shows. Alfons also won a German Tony award and is currently the host of Austria’s “Dancing Stars” reality show. Adi is a fashion journalist based in Vienna who is familiar with the spotlight hosting fashion shows on Austria’s ATV. Adi is also a fashion correspondent for Oesterreich—Bruno’s tabloid of choice.
The Bruno Resemblance Not only do both Alfons and Bruno love being on television—they both have a penchant for flamboyant style and men. Adi proclaims himself “the most down-to-earth fashion journalist you’ll ever meet.” Yeah, Bruno only wears his sequined leather pants around the house too.
Blonde Factor A warm honey hue caresses Alfons tresses. Adi gets fierce with his shiny platinum do.
Why-I-Think-I’m-Bruno Quote “I am a bit of a bitch like Bruno and I always make sure I get that interview.” “I am Bruno. I was the original model for the Austrian fashion journalist played by Sacha Baron Cohen that will be in cinema in July.”
Effect The Movie’s Had On Him His slightly slipping career has been rejuvenated by constant phone calls for appearances and performances due to the “Bruno” fame. The low-key fashionisto’s home is now surrounded by reporters curious about the Bruno inspiration.

So who do you think is the winner?