Finally! Uganda Will Outlaw Female Circumcision

Officials in Uganda are finally passing a law outlawing female circumcision, which is prevalent in the eastern part of the country. Uganda’s prez, Yoweri Museveni explained, “There is no part of a human body that is useless.” Not to mention the fact that this “operation” hurts like hell and is very dangerous. Crude tools are used to make the cut and are often shared between girls. Oh yeah, and there’s no anesthesia. This mutilation increases the risk of HIV transmission and can cause excessive bleeding or even death. So, why do tribes force girls to take part in this atrocious practice? Girls are told that no man will want to be with them unless they undergo this procedure. There are some stupid, antiquated, and very incorrect notions associated with this tradition. Namely, tribes think cutting off one’s clitoris makes the vagina cleaner. Also, it is thought to decrease the risk of premarital sex and marital infidelity. This is probably true because the girls who have this done probably NEVER want anyone near their vag again.

So glad this practice is now illegal. [Yahoo]