The Next Wave Of Michael Jackson Tributes: Eternal Moonwalks And 6-Word Obituaries

It’s been 10 days since Michael Jackson kicked the bucket, and the tributes to him are only getting more amazing. Last week, we told you about how the Iowa State Fair had commissioned a butter sculpture of the King of Pop. Now we’re obsessed with two new tribute ideas. First, just trust me, and head to Folks from all over the globe have submitted vids of them doing (or at least attempting) the classic MJ dance move, and the creators of the site have edited into together into a never-ending moon scroll. Hot!

And we’re also digging on Larry Smith who’s created a contest to see who could write the best MJ obituary in only six words. More than 450 people entered. After the jump, check out the winners. Let’s just say they’re more touching than most of the TV coverage from last week combined.Best overall:
From ABC to PYT to RIP.
-—Mary Elizabeth Williams

Most Zen:
The sound of one glove clapping.
—Stephen B.

Best referencing moonwalking:
Moonwalked in and out of reality.

Born black man, died white woman.
—Trish Jacobson

Best Elvis metaphor:
Another king has left the building.

Loveliest idea from one of the judges:
Never child, Never land, never more.
—David Boyer