An Ode To The Garbage Pail Kids

If you were a child of the ’80s like me, you probably grew up collecting the Garbage Pail Kids. In my day, the Kids were not just a trading card hobby—they were a status symbol. Having an entire collection made you an icon at my elementary school, and that’s what I was determined to become. I always spent summers in Long Island visiting my grandparents, and while most kids would get all worked up about going to the beach…not me. I spent the entire summer with the goal to collect every Garbage Pail Kid in the 4th series—both the A and B decks. You “Pail Junkies” know what I’m talking about. Every Kid had two different names. By the end of the summer, Bloated Blair and Swollen Sue Ellen (same art work, different names) proudly completed my collection. When I returned to 3rd grade that fall, my popularity soared to new heights when I brought my Pail album in for show-and-tell. This album still sits in my parent’s garage in mint condition. I am determined to have it become my number one family heirloom—who cares about jewelry?

For those of you feeling nostalgic for better times—in my opinion Pokémon doesn’t hold a candle to the Kids—check out this Garbage Pail Kids Quiz that will seriously test your knowledge. I am happy to say that I scored 94%. Not to brag or anything. What’s your favorite Garbage Pail Kids memory? [Mental Floss]