Confessions Of An Over-Packer

I sort of have a packing problem. In theory you don’t need all that much for a weekend away, it’s only two or three days after all. I always start out very organized and plan my outfits to save space by avoiding redundancy. This forces me to think of what I will need, and that’s where I go wrong. How can I possibly pack for all the potential occasions, weather, activities, meals? There so many possibilities I just can’t plan for. I don’t know where to begin, or more appropriately, I just don’t know where to stop. That’s why I am doing a serious inventory of what one actually needs for a summer weekend away… scratch that, what a slightly obsessive fashion lovin’ gal “needs” to pack for a weekend away.

  1. Cotton Sundress: Your basic cotton sundress is perfect for a cover-up at the beach or at a fancy shmancy dinner party. It’s all in the accessorizing. Flip flops by day, jewelry by night. Swap the sunscreen lip balm for lipstick and you are good to go.
  2. Gladiator Sandals: Wherever you may be, there is always going to be some troublesome terrain. Country paths are uneven, board walks have cracks and city blocks are strewn with litter and already chewed gum. Gladiator sandals are fashion-y but easy to get around in. The Romans conquered the world in these strappy numbers just as you will conquer the cocktail conversation. If you think you are going to be forced to shower somewhere dingy, throw in some cheap flip flops. Athletes foot is probably not the souvenir of your dreams.
  3. Skinny Jeans: Skinny jeans are common enough to fit in with a casual setting, but can easily be dressed up and sexed up. Good for chilly days and steamy evenings.
  4. Jean Jacket or Cardigan: Whether it’s to protect yourself from mosquitoes, cold, or pervy men, it’s always useful to have something to cover your arms/cleavage.
  5. Unfussy shirts: Basic tees go over and under everything. Mix, match and don’t stress if you spill anything.
  6. As Much Jewelry As You Can Cram Into A Quart Size Ziploc: Statement jewelry easily changes the entire vibe of an outfit. These pint size accessories can make one dress pass for three different ones. If you are worried about safety or leaving your rocks in your room unattended, leave the real sparklers at home and bust out the rhinestones.
  7. Travel Size Beauty Products: Tons of companies sell their best sellers in cutesy travel size containers and many stores give them away as freebies. If you are lazy like I am, you can always just pour your beauty faves into smaller bottles.
  8. One Item Of Clothing You Probably Won’t Wear: Oh come on, I am only human. I very well might need my tulle ballet skirt. Maybe.