Little Kid Things For The Grown Ups

On a recent trip to my childhood home I sat in my kitchen in a daze. I was daydreaming about my childhood self playing in the corner of the room where my toy kitchen set used to be. I spent hours in front of that mini-kitchen and despite all the playtime back then, today I dread stepping foot into a real kitchen to cook real food. But I know if I could still play in that fake kitchen I’d be having the time of my life. In my daydreaming, fantasy world childhood items were not deemed inappropriate for adults. During that whole longing to be young again moment, I remembered a post I wrote a few weeks ago on the exact opposite topic, Grown Up Things For The Little Ones. So to add a little balance to the Frisky, here’s a list of childhood items that adults should totally be allowed to enjoy, even if they’re meant for youngsters:

  • Onsie
    Sure it’s a pain to go to the bathroom while wearing a onsie but that doesn’t make it a less fun PJ substitute. It’s practically a shame that most people can’t even remember the day when they sported the one-piece pajama. The foot covers alone guarantee feeling little again. [Pajama City]
  • Sandbox
    I’m daring to make the assumption that 100% of children play in sandboxes. Why must it end at childhood? At Dig This in Steamboat, Colorodo, you can play in a lifesize sandbox. With real bulldozers to dig holes, move rocks and do everything you do as a toddler in real size! [Adventure Travel]
  • Pacifier
    If you’re looking to shut an older loved one up, the adult pacifier might be your best bet. It’s identical to a baby pacifier but just a bit larger for the adult sucking needs. It’s also rumored to help end snoring! [Diaper Connection]
  • Bib
    Are people really supposed to be spic and span the moment they outgrow a high chair? Because at least once a week I’m bound to accidentally stain a perfectly clean shirt or pair of pants and could totally use a bib every now and then. Other people agree and have even improved the child necessity to include a crumb catcher! [Bibs4Adults]
  • Sippy Cup
    No matter your age, having a straw already attached to your cup makes the drinking experience ten times better. I think that’s why everyone needs to invest in a Sipatiniz–– the mature sippy cup specifically for martinis. Out on the town with this drinking contraption you would look more adorable than any other girl in the room. [Party Blu Prints Blog]