Don’t Look Like A Hot Mess This Summer

As the humidity and temperature spike, so do our chances of heat-induced fashion problems. Every time I step onto a bus or subway or slide into a steaming car, my body sticks to the plastic on the seat and my clothes cling to my legs, delivering me to my destination stinky, clammy and busted-looking. But, no more! Here are a few ways to stay fresh and sweat-stain free.

  • Beware of Silk and Satin: These fabrics will betray you even faster than your high school nemesis. One tiny bead of sweat and the game is over. Cotton is your new best friend, because it absorbs sweat (and liquid spills if you are clumsy). If you are a heavy perspirer, go with darker colors that help masquerade stains. Plus, cotton jersey is totally wrinkle-free so you can still look poised after long commutes. [$79, Anne Taylor Loft]
  • Avoid Super Skinny Jeans and Other Forms of Tight Denim: I love my skinny jeans just as much as the next girl, but there is nothing worse than trying to peel yourself out of sweat-drenched denim…or the sweat stains that look like you peed your pants…either way, I have been there and it is not pretty. Save your skinny jeans ‘til the sun sets and things cool off. The airy silhouette of these harem pants make them perfect for summer. [$99, Cerulean, Intermix]
  • Carry Oil-Absorbing Blotting Paper: There is no way to actually avoid getting sweaty, but you can sure as hell hide the evidence. Oil-blotting papers take away all traces of grime without removing makeup and sunscreen (which I assume you are already wearing…) [$10, Boscia, Sephora]
  • Let Your Hair Do Its Thing: A small comb in your handbag lets you make a valiant attempt at redoing what the humidity has done to your hair. But let’s face it, your pin straight hair has other ideas. Admit defeat when the humidity is over 60 percent and let your hair curl, wave, or do its own funky thing. A drop or two of our new fave hair oil (Calista Tools Reclaim Styling Serum with Argan Oil) leaves you with sexy wave rather than bride-of-Frankenstein-frizz. [$35, Calista Tools,QVC]