I Live in NYC, So Where Are All The Celebs?

Every morning I peruse the daily newspapers and online blogs to see what has been going on in the world while I slept. Sometimes I am waking up refreshed from a good nights sleep, sometimes I am a zombie and every blue moon I am hungover. The morning after a night out is always a bit rough, but my crankiness increases exponentially when I see millions of hot celebs pictured frolicking about NYC the night before. WTF? I was out last night. I was somewhere cool and trendy, so where was Rihana? Where was Robert Pattinson? Gossip Girl is filming everywhere around the city and yet nary a sighting. Apparently every hot celebs is currently filming or partying in NYC, so why haven’t I seen any? Celebs eat at restaurants, walk down the street and shop at boutiques. So why aren’t they doing any of these near me?NYC seems really big in the movies and on TV, but don’t be fooled, it is teeny tiny. The lack of landmass aside, NYC is a small town in spirit. Forget six degrees of Kevin Bacon, with two degrees and one private school kid you can get to any celeb. So yes, it is remarkable that Robert Pattinson has been in the Big Apple for weeks and I still haven’t run into him. In case you were hoping this post would lead to tips on how to find celebs, sorry, my lawyer said that’s officially stalking. Going to hot spots and just happening to look drop dead gorgeous is fine. If Chace Crawford by chance happens to be there and falls madly in love with me at one glance of my faux louboutins, even better. But hiding in the bushes of a hotel a celeb is rumored to be staying out…said celeb is unlikely to visit you in the slammer.

This little rant hasn’t brought me any closer to meeting any of the beautiful and famous currently residing in my fair city, but if you happen to live in LA and also find yourself in celebrity isolation, at least know you are not alone.

PS As a kid I totally played on the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park Robbie so gracefully reclines on in this pic. Sadly I am not currently reclining with him, but I am getting some satisfaction from the fact that I was there first.