The Dos & Don’ts Of An Office Romance

I’m not going to lie and say I have never hooked up with a coworker. I have. That said, I don’t think it’s a particularly good idea. Ladies, we need people to take us seriously at work, glass ceiling be damned. If you are dating the dude who sits at the other end of the office, chances are, he’s admiring your legs rather than the speed at which you typed up that report. But while I don’t think one-night stands or friends with benefits are good for the office, romance happens. So, what if you develop real feelings for one of your coworkers? The dos and don’ts of office dating, after the jump. Serious Applicants Only: Leave your casual hookups for the bar and club scene. You won’t be respected if people at work think you are interested in anyone who happens to cross your path. Also, if your coworker doesn’t think your fling is going anywhere he’ll be more likely to blab about it to his cubicle neighbor.

Rule Book: If you do decide to pursue something with one of your office buddies, set the ground rules. You two should probably keep your relationship on the DL. Don’t complain about your partner problems to the gal you go on coffee runs with.

No PDA: This is super obvious. Also, be careful about coming and going at the same time. Peeps will get suspicious.

Bossy: Women’s Health suggests that you tell your boss. I’m going to go out on a limb here and … disagree! Yeah, why would you do that? If you two are careful, no one will find out. Maybe if your relationship starts to get really serious you could think about dishing on the deets, but save that for later in case things don’t work out.

Pulling Rank: If the coworker you’re shaggin’ could also be the one to send you packin’, you are making a big mistake. Always ask yourself: If this relationship ends badly will it affect my job?

What do you think about office romance?