Deadgirl, That Zombie Rape Flick You’ve Been Waiting For, Is Finally Here

Ah, horror films. If you found the corpse of a dead woman in a mental institution basement, you’d totes have sex with it, right? Then chop up the body parts…until she comes alive and eats you.

Such is the plot of “Deadgirl”, a new horror flick, whose movie poster even looks vaginal! Looks like conservatives and feminists can finally find some common ground…to freak the f**k out.

Alas, “Deadgirl” leaves us horror-film loving feminists grappling with many serious questions. Is having sex with a zombie necrophilia? Or is it rape, because she’s actually partially alive? Can necrophilia also be rape?

And also, what the hell is wrong with people? Tracy Clark-Flory at Broadsheet did an amazing job analyzing how “Deadgirl”‘s filmmakers equate the power rush of sex (in this case, sexual violence) with the powerlessness of fear so seamlessly. She wrote:

“Horror films have always toyed with arousal and fear, those two easily confused feelings. Increasingly, porn is following the same formula — just consider the viral genre-merger of 2 Girls, 1 Cup. The goal in both porn and horror flicks is often to elicit an extreme, adrenaline response and force us to confront our baser, animal selves.”

Clark-Flory has not seen “Deadgirl” (neither have we). But she did watch the trailer online (NSFW, obviously) and came away from it sickened by the content. So we’ll take her word for it that the flick is totally depraved—and doesn’t exactly tap into the “baser, animal selves” that most of us can relate to.

We’re not censorious; we won’t be writing angry letters to the filmmakers or urging movie theaters not to show the film. But we will vote with our dollars and skip this one.