Celebs We’d Be Happy To Hire — As Interns

Yesterday we told you about The Gap’s new intern, Kanye West, who joins a long line of celebrities (temporarily) giving up their high-paying day jobs in order to learn something new from the ground up. All of this got me thinking about which celebs we’d like to have intern at The Frisky and what tasks we would give them. After the jump, some of our writers and editors dish on who they’d like to fetch coffee and, uh, other stuff.

Jason Segel. He’d be our stunt dick and would be used for difficult Frisky action scenes. He’s also a good puppeteer, which would make for great lunch break entertainment.” – Simcha
“I’d hire Peggy Olsen from “Mad Men,” because not only does Peggy go above and beyond anything she’s asked to do, but those guys are awful to her and she deserves a break! She’d really like it here, I think. – Jessica
Rachel Bilson or Michelle Williams. I would have them clean my closet and go clothes shopping for me. Wait, am i allowed to have them do personal things like that?” – Catherine
“Thomas Jane, star of the new HBO show ‘Hung,’ in which he plays a male prostitute. He will recite lines of dialogue from his show to me whenever I get bored, like, ‘Good c**k is hard to find.'” – Anonymous Frisky Staffer
Zooey Deschanel and her job would be ‘hanging around.'” – John DeVore
“I’d like to hire John Krasinski to fetch me coffee and feed me grapes.” – Wendy
Stephen Colbert! He could dole out sex advice and fetch us Sierra Mist.” – Leonora
“I’d hire Rachel Zoe to compile a Frisky fashion closet and to make sure that I always look fly. Plus, she could make Starbucks runs for us. – Annika
“Duh, Ryan Gosling. His tasks would include foot rubs, keeping the fridge stocked with Diet Coke, and reading during Erotica Story Hour, which doesn’t exist yet, but totes would if he was around. Also, he would be our own personal stock image model.” – Amelia