A Look At MJ’s Costumes For The Tour That Never Was

Michael Jackson’s costumes for his upcoming tour look like they would have been a veritable fashion show of MJ classics (not to rub salt in the wound, or anything). Described as an “over the top wardrobe,” costume designers Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush worked with Jackson who wanted to take things to a new, higher level. This resulted in a collection that brought back to life Jackson’s golden days with his flashy fingerless glove, military jackets, a Billie Jean jacket adorned with over seven pounds of Swarovski crystals. The highlight of the styles, however, has to be the redesigned “Thriller” jacket outfitted with fiber-optic lights that would flash in time with the music. While the costume designers say that Michael was enthusiastic in his last days—performing routines with huge energy, and eager to get the show started—his measurements show that he was incredibly thin with a 27 3/4-inch waist. Regardless, pictures and memories like these will allow Michael’s show to go on. [People]