Who’s Up For A Round Of Anti-Feminist Bingo?

Frisky commenters are seriously freaking awesome. But I’ve blogged at a bunch of different sites and have heard some not so nice things — that I’m stupid, immature—even sexist. At least no one has called me “ugly” yet, but there’s still plenty of time!

With that in mind, the blog The Curvature linked to a list of “troll” bingo cards. Each fake bingo card has a list of typical of unkind/inaccurate remarks that trolls make. She’s got one for “anti-choice” comments, one for homophobic comments, fat hate comments, and a bunch of others.

My favorite card for “troll bingo” is one of the ones for anti-feminist comments—because seriously, how many times have you been asked “Is it that time of the month?” or “Can’t you take a joke?” when you make a feminist statement? Click through to see the “troll bingo” board and play!

Used with permission from a Creative Commons license on the blog Hoyden About Town