Vatican Thinks America Has Naughty Nuns

Nuns across America are not very happy with the Vatican. And since nobody likes an unhappy nun, this story is troublesome for me to report. It seems that nuns have been branching out into the community, not wearing their religious garb, choosing to live independently and are joining new professions like political advocacy and academia. In response to this trend, Cardinal Franc Rode, who oversees all religious orders, launched two investigations of nuns across the United States. He doesn’t like how they’ve “opted for ways to take them outside” the church.It’s true that nuns separating from the church has indeed been on the rise. Today there are 60,000 nuns versus the 180,000 who were around in 1965. But instead of treasuring those current sisters, the Vatican is potentially punishing them for giving time to the community. According to Mother Mary Clare Millea, the Vativan representative in charge of conducting the investigation, “It’s an opportunity for us to re-evaluate ourselves, to make our reality known and also to be challenged to live authentically who we say we are.” But to many sisters across the nation, the investigators area simply “uninvited guests.” [NY Times]