Quickies!: Jackson Funeral To Be Held At The Staples Center?

  • Michael Jackson’s funeral is reportedly being held at the L.A. Staples Center next Tuesday, July 7 — the same date he signed his will seven years ago. [Starpulse]
  • Director Michael Bay (who is behind the “Transformers” movies) agrees that his star, Megan Fox, says “ridiculous things.” [Starpulse] — Finally, a dude who hates her as much as we do. Okay, maybe he doesn’t hate her.
  • Lady Gaga bares all for V magazine. [V Magazine] — Is the Lady GaGa-licious, or just GaGa-slutty? You be the judge.

  • Neil Patrick Harris of “How I Met Your Mother,” is said to be hosting the 61st annual Emmy Awards on September 20. [EW] — He’ll be such nice eye-candy, but sadly he’s not into ladies.
  • Get ready for the 4th of July by adding fireworks to your wardrobe. [Refinery 29] — The stars and stripes have never looked so sexy.
  • Wait, Leonardo DiCaprio was slashed in the neck by a crazy lady in 2005 and she just got arrested? [Starpulse — And we’re just hearing about this now?
  • The internet is full of questionable sites, but some are using the web for good. Here are some philanthropic sites you might want to investigate. [Urlesque]
  • Exercise will raise your heart rate, and according to some, your libido as well. [Lemondrop]