Do Your Next Internship At The Naked Farm

We’ve found a summer internship for you! Nude farming. Yes, planting seeds and hoeing veggies sans clothing.

Rising Sun Farm in Wisconsin hires spring/summer farm interns, where, their web site states, “We enjoy working clothes-free when the weather permits.” The farm produces everything from tomatoes to eggs and sells their wares at co-ops around Wisconsin. But these farmers aren’t just nudists! They’re hippies, too. The farm’s owner, Roger Brown says on his web site, “Working as naturists with the soil, plants, and each other enables us to experience our connection to the earth and our interconnectedness with all life.” Right.

Whatevs. They’re hippies who get tons of vitamin D and say they don’t worry about sunburn because they’re exposed to it all day long.

Unfortunately we missed the Nude Strawberry Festival just a few weeks ago. But you can still sing with me now: Old MacDonald had a farm, ee ii ee ii oo… And on his farm he wore no clothes, ee ii ee ii oo…

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